Think you might need a dog walker?  Here are some benefits...
A tired dog is a good dog, and with Kate's Play Dates your dog will run & play off-leash for a full hour each day!
Hassle-free pick up and drop offs from your own home. Your pup will be waiting for you when you return from work!
Have peace of mind knowing your pooch is tumbling around with other pre-screened pups their size!
Small dog SF dog walker
Dog Walking in San Francisco
Did you know that dog walkers in San Francisco must now obtain a Commercial Dog Walking Permit issued by Animal Care and Control?  The process involves completing a dog walking training course and becoming certified in Pet 1st Aid and CPR.  Dog walkers must also have general liability insurance and have their vehicles inspected and approved.  These new San Francisco laws establish rules for dog walkers to follow and help regulate the dog walking profession.  They also help pooch parents determine which walkers are professionals and which are not.  Make sure you choose a professional for your pup, they deserve it!